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Who are we? The Steve Mele Consulting Group is comprised of a highly skilled consulting team dedicated to the goal of developing Talent & Reward Solutions, Mergers and Acquisitions and HR Transformation. We believe that successful change programmes can only be achieved through robust programme and project management.
What do we do? We provide consulting advice and support from strategy and business case development through to planning and implementation





Communications & Technology We use all sources of modern technology for communications and leverage cloud computing for sharing digital media.
Why are we different? 1. Broad Global Experience - We are experienced HR practitioners who have held key global positions in multinational companies: Chief HR Officer and Head of Talent Management to HR Technology Operations Leaders. We have led and owned many of HR's most daunting challenges. 2. Professional Academic Experience - University educators add important evidence-based competence in areas of Leadership Education, Employee Engagement & Diversity. 3. Industry Experience - Our consulting team has experience in many industries including public and private sector: British Army, Construction, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Financial Services and Professional services. 4. Hands-on Team - We invest the time necessary to understand your business needs and deliver results not just advice from strategy to implementation. 5. Science & Technology - With a strong technology underpinning we bring practical business know-how and, where appropriate, leverage technology for the best results.


Solutions We start from a position of first principles that a statement of work can align with client needs if our consultants: • know your client • evaluate symptoms • understand challenges and needs
• explore resolutions & options
• develop solution through open collaboration
• plan & implement
The Change Paradox Leaders invest significant marketing energy into managing change by front-end loading commitments leaving the real work to others. Commitments to doing more with less, starting now, halving the time doubling the productivity all sound compelling until the results are measured. Transformative change happens through a commitment to: • building robust plans
• aligning resources: people & financial needs • motivating teams & people.
• measuring results
• recognising & rewarding outcomes

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