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Mergers & Acqusitions often fail to on the promise of delivering greater value to shareholders.

The multidisciplinary demands of managing M&As calls on skillsets that may not be present in the organisation or relies too heavily on teams with day jobs.  Human resources have a particularly challenging agenda. 


-  Culture, Communications and Change

-  Talent Selection

-  Reward & Benefits Harmonisation

-  Performance Management

-  Career Management

-  Succession Planning

-  Systems & Data

Transaction Life Cycle
M&A Deal Cycle - The pace at which transactions operate depends on the culture of the 2 organisations but the intensity increases over time. Early involvement means early impact.


M&A Phases

Prepare for a period of intensive work.  Meeting the needs of the company's ongoing operations while preparing for tomorrow's post-merger/acquisition integration is demanding.  Skillsets and competencies needed to address the multi-disciplinary challenges are critical to success through every phase of the transaction .


-  Due Diligence

-  Planning

-  Talent Selection

-  Day-1

-  Transaction Implementation

-  Transition to normal operations

Merger & Acquistion Timelines - The chart above illustrates the levels of complexity faced by HR organisations during an M&A. Working collaboratively with a consulting team , clients can alleviate work-load pressures and provide the know-how and focus needed to deliver a successful integration.