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Programme & Project Management

Equipped with a strong technical understanding of Project Management is not enough.

Project Phases - The diagram depicts the 4 main phases of our project management approach.

1.  Project Definition

2.  Planning

3.  Implementation

4.  Closeout and Evaluation

Political Science - The holy grail of successful projects requires a keen ability to work seamlessly across a number of different areas:

-  Delivering within the Timelines

-  Leading Change

-  Forming & Leading Temporary Teams

-  Managing governance

-  Building Coalitions & Managing Stakeholders

-  Assess Risk


Transfer of Knowledge - We not only lead projects but ensure that the knowledge, competencies and skills sets are passed on to the team.  We have specially designed toolsets that are easy to understand and operate.





Project Management Framework
Project Management - The project management life cycle sets out an approach that leads to successful completion of projects - delivering project objectives, on time and within budget. In addition, participation on a temporary team should foster the growth and development of team leaders and players, alike.