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                              The skillset demands on HR organisations during a major change programme(either an HR

                                Transformaton or a  Merger and Acquisition) are significant.  Many of the demands do hit                               

                                the sweet spot of even high performing Teams. 

                                New skills and transfer of

                                knowledge opportunities

                                abound.  Learning committed

organisations will leverage the significant 

change events as an opportunity to grow 

capabilities.  Typically, teams on the buy and sell

side will face personal and corporate culture

challenges.  Change management activities

must be well planned and integrated into the

overall plans. 

Learning - The table describes some of the new skills learning opportunities. Significant change events prove excellent periods for growth and professional developments.
HR Transformation
HR Transformation - Diagram of steps involved in designing an HR Transformation. Changes in products and services, delivery channels and the HR organisation require a commitment to planning and executions.

Among the most daunting challenges HR organisations face is the design and  implementation of a complete service

delivery transformation.  Beginning with a strong understanding of the business including strategy and needs, HR Professionals must prepare an evidence-based business case to deliver the fundamental changes


-  Products and Services

-  Delivery Channels

-  HR Organisation


Work collaboratively with HR Business Partners,

CoEs and HR Operations and Technology to

design, deliver and implement a streamlined

organisation - leveraging technology, call

centres and ESS.  Re-design HR Business Partner

team  to operate in the value added area and

ensure that CoEs deliver on the entire life cycle.  Results you can count on!







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